Royal city

“The first date”

The first date is always an awkward date. It’s clearly not only true for me, but also seem true for this couple I took picture of. The awkward smiles plus unrelated conversation, isn’t that your first date experience too 🙂 (Picture from the last BLOG POST) Till next time   …

Royal city

Weekly street blog: Royal City Square

Hi folks, This week pictures will be a set of black and white scenes of Royal City Square, Hanoi. For those who don’t know, The “Royal City” is a complex of newly developed condominiums, mega mall, them park, restaurants, blah blah most interestingly, it has a square, big one. This …

Work Is a Glorious Thing

Work Is a Glorious Thing

Yes, even a 9x years old lady told me that Work is a glorious thing. Some people only think about the hardship they are experiencing, some people are proud of what they are doing.

Hà Đông

The colors of district Hà Đông

Hi folks, To begin my journey of street photography to document the culture, tradition and people of Vietnam in 2015. I walked the streets of Hà Đông – a very close district of Hanoi yet so far for many people. It is where I was born and raised. Winter this …

Portrait of my maternal grandmother

Bài blog này có phiên bản tiếng Việt tại ĐÂY Hi folks, A few days a go I posted a photograph of my paternal grandmother. Today’s post will be about my mother’s mum – maternal grandmother. My maternal grandmother once asked me to take her “ảnh thờ” (In our custom, …


Grand-dad exhumation – P2: Exhumation

Hi folks, This is the final part of series Grand-dad exhumation. If you miss the part 1 of this series, here is the LINK Bài blog này có phiên bản tiếng Việt TẠI ĐÂY In the actual day, I did not have the chance to be there 100% of the …

Portrait of Grandmother – Plaubel 4×5

I have big love for analog photography, especially large format photography. The Plaubel 4×5 is the only large format camera I own. This is the portrait of my grandmother, I did it in my studio with my Broncolor lighting system. And yes, I built this set. I know it’s not great, but it works ok 🙂 You can have a better view and the exif in this link:   Thanks for stopping by   Danny    


Hi folks, A minute off topic: I’ve not been writing in my “physical” journal for a while, I guess it makes this blog will get updated frequently. I love writing even though I’m not good at it. I have even started a Vietnamese blog HERE, the reason for me to …