Shooting against the SUN! (Repost)

Some said “Never shoot direct into the light, especially strong light source like The Sun, it could probably destroys your camera sensor” – yeah, I’ve heard this A LOT. However, I strongly believe that it is still a myth. Most of my best shots were taken directly to the Sun and I’m sure that my cameras weren’t damaged. In my opinion, it just requires certain techniques, equipment and lots of practice to be able to get a good result. In this post, I will talk about some essential tips for back-lighting photography which I have collected from readings and testified by my own experience. They …

Business Cards Showcase

The set of business cards we ordered from Moo 10 days ago has arrived this morning. Made from Moo’s unique type of paper with awesome print quality, they are simply brilliant!!!  

Seldex Album Cover Materials

Our Seldex albums have a wide range of album cover materials (Over 100 choices) – before deciding what to choose, you will be able to feel each of the materials, here are some samples  

Family in Melbourne

This post is dedicated to the great time I have had with family during the last few weeks. My beloved mother and little brother came to visit me for holiday, they just left Melbourne this morning. I have to say I already miss them  🙂 Falling in love with the film colour, I’ve tried to make all the digital photos taken by  Canon 5D2 and Canon G12 look like film. To be honest, I am not quite happy with the tone and still looking for another way to creat such kind of effect 🙂 Anyway, here are the photos I …

Mamiya adventures

This post I will dedicate to the pictures taken by the Mamiya RB67 ProS, which has become my favourite film camera although it is quite heavy to carry around 🙂 The lab I have chosen to process my film does a great job, they make me think they really care about my films. However, I’m not happy with the scan quality, looking forward to buy a decent film scanner for my own soon 🙂