Melbourne has given me love, maturity and motivation in Photography.

Melbourne 31st of July 2013

Hi folks, Let’s see what’s on Melbourne today. I didn’t shoot as many as usual, just enjoyed the cold weather in a sunny day 🙂 Thanks for visiting   Danny

Hello, is it me you're looking for

Mebourne 18th of July 2013

Hi folks, What a windy, stormy day in Melbourne! I actually enjoyed it. I’m very proud to say that I woke up early this morning!!! I packed light and felt good today. Let not talk no more, below is how Melbourne looked like today 😀

Big mistake number 1

Hi folks, I’ve been shooting a lot lately, now I want to be more selective to the works that I upload into my blog. Hopefully someday someone somewhere somehow will find my works interesting then I can make money out of my street photography (My wildest dream!!!) As usual, I’ve …

Melbourne 15th of July 2013

Hi folks, It’s Monday again, YAY! Despite the Melbourne’s weather has not been pleasant recently, I still had the urge to go outside and shoot something over the weekend, but I couldn’t, busy processing clients’ photos 🙁 It’s kind of weird every time I go out and shoot, I often …

Docklands Melbourne 12th of July 2013

Hi folks, I went to Docklands to watch the fireworks today, there will be fireworks in Docklands every Friday night during July and August, they do it every year, extremely enjoyable. Weekend is coming so fast, this will be the last set of street photos I’ve taken this week; I …

Melbourne 11th of July 2013

Hi folks, Let’s play “Spot the Photographer” game! This is me having fun shooting on the street today – my selfie collection in 11th of July 2013   Thanks for looking Danny

On the tram

Melbourne 10th of July

Hi folks, From now on, I’m gonna update my blog with all the street photos I take on a regular basis. Practice makes perfect, the photos showing in my posts will represent my improvement over time, including my experience with street photography. I live in Melbourne at the moment, so …

Geelong thru the lens of GW690III

Have you heard of the Fuji GW690III??

Hi folks, this one maybe my first ever review in this particular blog. My reviews are mostly based on my personal experience, since I’m an amateur film shooter, not a technical savvy to understand in-depth of all the equipment I own; and for your own sake, I will give you …