Weekly street blog: The first week of 2015

by Danny Bach, January 11, 2015

Hi folks,

The weekly street blog is making a comeback, this one is the first of 2015. It’s about Hanoi and probably will be few more to come with the same topic 🙂

Hanoi old quarter used to be the least desirable place for me to visit. However, I have been coming back and forth Hanoi and try to understand the culture of people here. As I am exploring Vietnamese culture, Hanoi could not be missed out. This series is the introduction to Hanoi not only for you my readers but also for myself.

_DAN3663 _DAN3591 _DAN3569 _DAN3519 _DAN3543 _DAN3676 _DAN4022 _DAN4040 _DAN4061 _DAN3966

Till next time