The colors of district Hà Đông

by Danny Bach, January 4, 2015

Hi folks,

To begin my journey of street photography to document the culture, tradition and people of Vietnam in 2015. I walked the streets of Hà Đông – a very close district of Hanoi yet so far for many people. It is where I was born and raised.

Winter this year has been warm and sunny. It makes me just want to sit and enjoy the atmosphere, especially looking at people passing by. In 2015, I try to get back my weekly street blog like I did back in Melbourne. 2014 was a very difficult photography year for me, I did not shoot much, only about 22k images in total, much less than year 2013. I set myself to go beyond 30k images this year, finding my unique way of seeing and shooting.

From now on, I will edit and process personal work one week after the shooting date, this set was shot a week ago, which means “last year” 🙂

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Hà Đông

Hà Đông

Hà Đông _DAN3379 Hà Đông _DAN3395 _DAN3411